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Professional Acting Reel

One of the many things I am asked of is if I have an ActingComedy/ Reel. "Yes, I do!" Please feel free to take a look at a short compilation of my skills and talents as an Actor.

Professional Comedy Reel

Professional Voice-Over Reel

Another talent of mine is Voice Acting. Many people ask this if I have a professional Voice-Over reel. I believe you already know the answer to that. I even decided to sweeten the pot by having two specially categorized reels: one showcasing my Commercial VO skills and the other my Character Voice work.

John F. Thomas_Recording for Country Radio Station.jpg

Voice-Over Reviews

"John Thomas is awesome, work with john and you will be happy!" - Joel Beasley - Upwork client


"You are amazing. This has been one of the best and warmest experiences I've had on eLance. This VO has blown me away. Your enthusiasm and pronunciation is just perfect. Thank you for doing this. I will be using you time and time again." - Upwork client

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