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About Me


Born and raised in Jackson, TN, John grew around a lot of talented singers on both his mother and father's side of the family. He started singing in church when he was old enough, then started learning how to play the piano. This turned into him developing a love for music, songwriting, and performing when he was 15 years old.

While in High School, he joined Advanced Choir and then All-West Choir where he was praised for his vocal talent. He then auditioned for his first theatrical play during his senior year, where the director was impressed with his acting ability, then shocked to learn that this was his first time acting in a play Upon attending college, he started going out to sing and headline at various venues across Tennessee and the neighboring states, as well as taking on small roles in a few short films.

He then took the leap and moved to Los Angeles, CA to more fully pursue acting and singing. He studied Voice Acting under Janet Wilcox at UCLA and also started taking voice lessons under the legendary International Singer, John Davies. He started booking more Voice-Over and acting roles. Studying extensively under improv (Groundlings, Westside Comedy Theater, and Rogue Improv!) while taking acting classes under acting coach, Jonathon Trent, he started booking bigger roles in larger projects

Upon receiving great advice as well as his increasing desire to see more diverse stories in Hollywood and various media, he started producing his own films. One of his most recent works is his well-received, multi-award winning short film, "Emotical" where he won an award for "Best Actor". It can be seen for $5 worldwide on Amazon Prime. He is continuing to expand his acting resume while continuously producing more and more award-winning projects. He stays grounded through it all with prayer, family, friends, and making sure to keep himself around other humble, yet motivated individuals. Currently, he's hard-at-work improving his acting skill set by training and working on various projects throughout the year. To see more of John's projects and what's coming soon, follow him on https://www.johnfthomas.com.